Thursday, February 21, 2008

See your own life slicing away

YES! Now you too can enjoy watching your life slicing away one pixel at a time. In real time!!! Except instead of blocky old pixels you can count away the days.

Available now, and about 2 months too late to be of any use, it's the Mr Vista calendar. Give it to your boss with a cryptic 'get fired' note written in for 4 months time. Give it to an elderly relative so they are reminded of their impending demise. Or even better - keep it for yourself in the vain attempt that people will think you actually made it yourself and are creative.

Whatever you do with it. Download it today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe never.

The Mr Vista 2008 Calendar. Because witnessing the futility of your own existence has never been so much fun!

Please note. This is a 7 meg download. So get extra progress bar excitement watching it download!"

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