Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr Vista officially 'a waste of time'

FeedMil searches blogs for interesting content.

Mr Vista was duly searched and an automatic word cloud was generated for the content of the entire output so far. What words sum up this 2 year endeavour? To what key phrases did the complex computer algorithms boil down all this creativity?

As you can see, "Waste of time" the was main conclusion.

Yeah! Rock on!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back up your brain

YES! We see a 'welcome' return to the Brain Transfer Kit! As seen in previous episodes it has now returned to seek revenge. Perhaps it should be used to forget the entire second series of Mr Vista.

But remember, as "The Colleague" says - if you are going to use the Brain Transfer Kit (tm) then obviously make sure that you back your brain up first. Losing 10 years of photos when your hard drive goes down is nothing compared to having your mind reformatted. All those childhood memories can't be recovered. But then maybe that is for the best. And if you wait long enough old age will dull the pain. It ensures that the cumilative experience of lost chances and regrets - aka your life - slips in a grey fog.

Now if only we could invent a brain RAID!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you have a better idea?

The new series of Mr Vista is coming soon. And the good news is - it will be the last.

Obviously we can't even really be bothered to make this series, but over the months it has sort of become a habit. Like going to the nearest barber even though he is half blind and you should walk another 50 yards.

Or maybe your habit is watching every episode of Mr Vista and then moaning about how you could do better. Well now you can. If you have an idea or script then send it in. A line or two is more than enough if the crushing, depressing, soul sucking, technobabble idea shines through. Send them to...

mrvista at projectorfilms dot com

Easy! So far we have about 15 ideas sent in by the vistarons. Can't promise to make them all, but we try.

Last series we used ideas from all these people - sometimes with a bit of mix and match to make it all work...

Dom Carver - 3 great episodes - SatNav, paying the bills and the microwave meal
Stephen Morrison - with the film downloads
Mark Wellman - for throwing in the title Mr Vesta
Dailymotion viewer - Fssabbagh and Rob Hill both said; Mr Vista goes on Holiday

So thanks to them as well as the regular Mr Vista crew - The Uncle and Marshman

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting somewhere at last

Mr Vista is all about good wholesome feelings such as; boredom, despair, lethargy, melancholy - and my own personal favourite; the feeling of being ineffective.

Well today this is all summed up via the medium of the satnav. Now you really can feel like you aren't getting anywhere in life. Hurrah!

Guest writer: Dom Carver
Guest appearance by: The Progress Bar

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Mr Vista!

Everyone wants to be Mr Vista these days - well, without the crushing loneliness at futile existence anyway!