Sunday, February 15, 2009

The inevitable consequence of increasing storage

You know how it is. You get your shiny new storage doo-dah and you just know that this time you will never fill it. I mean, come on, who needs to be able to store 1.4MB / 700MB / 4GB / 1TB (delete as applicable dependent upon the age of yourself) anyway? Who has that much crap? Well, clearly, you do! And so do I. Nuts.

And yes, the brain transfer kit is back. Just to wring maximum use out of our most expensive prop ever made.

This episode also features a handy blip-vert of the whole of series 1. In effect series 1 in a compressed form to save on storage. It isn't infinite you know!

And for the geeks out there - yes, that really is an original issue windows XP launch T-shirt. Jealous much?

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