Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you have a better idea?

The new series of Mr Vista is coming soon. And the good news is - it will be the last.

Obviously we can't even really be bothered to make this series, but over the months it has sort of become a habit. Like going to the nearest barber even though he is half blind and you should walk another 50 yards.

Or maybe your habit is watching every episode of Mr Vista and then moaning about how you could do better. Well now you can. If you have an idea or script then send it in. A line or two is more than enough if the crushing, depressing, soul sucking, technobabble idea shines through. Send them to...

mrvista at projectorfilms dot com

Easy! So far we have about 15 ideas sent in by the vistarons. Can't promise to make them all, but we try.

Last series we used ideas from all these people - sometimes with a bit of mix and match to make it all work...

Dom Carver - 3 great episodes - SatNav, paying the bills and the microwave meal
Stephen Morrison - with the film downloads
Mark Wellman - for throwing in the title Mr Vesta
Dailymotion viewer - Fssabbagh and Rob Hill both said; Mr Vista goes on Holiday

So thanks to them as well as the regular Mr Vista crew - The Uncle and Marshman

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