Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank goodness

Mr Vista will be less visible for a couple of months while we try to get additional funding for Series 3. There are some great scripts in and some top secret funding opportunities 'just a few clicks away'.

Of course the downbeat spirit of Mr Vista prevents me from actually getting excited about it all. Plus, the realisation that none of this matters anyway. Yeah! Pointless lives! Just the way we like it.

So please now return to you repetitive existence. Until Series 3 is back on perhaps play the fun real life Mr Vista game. It is called 'how little impact do I make on the world?'. It is easy. Simply ask yourself...

If you didn't make it to ever see Mr Vista Series 3 :( and you died tomorrow how would anyone know? Because:
  1. your blog wasn't updated
  2. your turn on a facebook game wasn't taken
  3. your productivity at work decreased
  4. your productivity at work increased!
  5. no one would notice for months until the firebrigade has to break into your flat and they find a skeleton hunched over the keyboard with a half typed search on google maps for the nearest doctor because you couldn't remember the emergency number was 999.

Cheers then! Have fun :)

*top progress bar shows the new 'rural English' language setting in Vista.


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