Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mr Vista celebrates another 365 days of being on-line

If you, or anyone you know, has a birthday this year. You'll love this...

Perhaps you too feel the progress bar of your earthly existence slipping away. Remember when you were young, you had your whole progress bar in front of you? A long expanse of transparent glass-effect goodness and hope?

Not anymore.

These days the green seems to be oozing out of every pixel. And the one thing you fear more than the fact it is colouring is - is when it will stop. And all those so-called choices you made didn't really make any difference as the bar continued it's relentless dash towards the end of the window.

Maybe you even have a page-a-day calendar. Perhaps a Dilbert one, or one with dogs on it. Good for you. A quick giggle everyday. Well from now on, everytime you rip off a page, I hope you'll remember Mr Vista and ruminate upon your rapidly depleting days upon this Earth.

Enjoy. It's supposed to be comedy you know.


Vaurdan said...

Cool :D It's my birthday today (23 Mar) but I do not use Windows :P

Tim Clague said...

Happy Birthday Vaurdan - and I hope it remained windows-free!