Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mr Shorta Vista

The downbeat nature of modern living - in 90 seconds.

Yes. Another quick, mind numbing video that reeks of post modernism and tries to hide the stench under a pot pouri of glossy shiny colour correction. Still, all adds to the fun*

* please note - fun not guaranteed. Especially as this is just a quick remix of Episode 1. This version is for various festivals etc. Apologies for resultant boredom.


Phil "dm" Campbell said...

That is quality. Weird thing is i was talking about progress bars not long back about exactly the same thing. good to see you made a video about it! :)

Very well produced.

Tim Clague said...

thanks phil - looking forward to putting together series 2. You can download a photoshop version of the progress bar with all the layers if you ever need it from the right hand menu

Tim Clague said...

oh - and spread the word on Mr Vista if you can!

storygas said...

I want to buy one of those mugs!

Tim Clague said...

Mugs available if anyone REALLY wants one!