Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mr Vista is breaking out

Mr Vista needs your help! If you've seen the episodes then this will be plain to see. But this week he needs your help in another way. He is in two competitions.

Clearly these desperate websites are clinging to the idea that featuring Mr Vista will somehow draw in the crowds. I urge you to keep these deluded individuals where they are - do not shatter this misconception and thrust them into the real world. The real world of "no one giving a damn" that we all live in. Keep them in the belief that Mr Vista has fans so we may better study them and perhaps, in time, help them cast of their web 2.0 pretentiousness and get a real job.

Before then - just go and vote and make everyone* happy!

*everyone except yourself who will have wasted more of your life watching shit old episodes you've seen before.

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