Sunday, June 1, 2008

NOT 'Evolution of Dance'

Mr Vista evolved from this episode...

But what of evolution of man? Note: If you want a proper Darwin poster on evolution click here

Ever feel like you are not getting anywhere? Feel as if your life is in a rut? In fact you are in a rut. And the daylight barely glints down into the muddy swill you live it? Yes!

Well worry no more! The above diagram, if studied correctly, will aid your concerns and soothe your woes. Yes. At last. The Mr Vista guide to evolution. As any foole can see it clearly highlights that no one is getting anywhere and they never will. Hurrah. Everyone else is as screwed as you. Rejoiceth one and all.

Picture stolen from here.

Big version here.


Sire Sasa said...

Pretty nice idea but what a poor implementation! You have so much mistakes you could have avoided with a little research, before lousy photoshopping!
Gorilla isn't an ancestor of human! Gorillas and humans ancestors separated from each other 8 million years ago. Homo Erectus lived before Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon. And Mister Vista should be written Dominus Vista in Latin, vista means view. And evolution from the first hominides to human took 15 million years, not 30.

Tim Clague said...

Thanks Sire Sasa. I feel a version 2 coming on. Although done purely as a cheap gag, why not make it accurate too. Keep an eye over the next few weeks.