Monday, April 13, 2009

Free set of Mr Vista Emoticons

msn emoticon +o& sick msn emoticon :) smile msn emoticon :P msn emoticon ;) wink msn emoticon lol msn emoticon :) 8-| msn emoticon omg msn emoticon :o :-O :O :-o msn emoticon rofl msn emoticon rtfm msn emoticon :( sad msn emoticon :-& angry msn emoticon :D msn emoticon :-S msn emoticon lmao

Roll up, roll up! Get you free set of nerdy MSN* chat emoticons. Yes! You too can appear a full on nerd in front of your friends, peers, colleagues and flirt buddies. If that is your thing - and I should hope that it is.

Why simply have the letters LOL appear when instead they see this...msn emoticon lol Hilarity ensured. Be popular instantly!

Download the full set of MSN chat emoticons here. Some chat programs allow you to install this package as a zip straight in. If you can do it this way then you will find the right picture is already attached to the right phrase. Easy!

*other types of chat programs are also welcome


Aski said...

lol thank you.

Trop marrant toutes ces petites tĂȘtes de Mr Vista.

Tim Clague said...