Sunday, July 19, 2009

The quiz results (so far)

'Self reflection' and 'personal diagnosis' is always a great way to waste time. And I am happy to help you all in doing it.

However, some bad news. It would seem that the majority of 'Vistarons' are in fact too cool for Mr Vista. Here are three tasks to do this week which should help you all get back on the pointless treadmill of existence where you know that you belong:

1/ Try to install linux on your Playstation3. Its geeky. Pointless. And turns a fun device into a machine that requires constant IT maintenance and updates. Brilliant!

2/ Rip all your DVDs. Why have bulky DVDs that you feel obliged to lend to friends? Sod that. Instead spend days ripping them all to your media server - even better news - you may need to upgrade your 'g' wireless to 'n' to make it stream okay. What a treat! Bonus points for spending hours researching the best codec to rip to. Super extra bonus for picking a codec that is amazing but that no-one in the world uses.

3/ Set up a fake profile. Don't have enough 'friends' on facebook etc. Set up a fake one instead. Someone that could, in fact, actually be popular. Someone who looks like he may go out and do things and would have an opinion of things. Word of caution however - prepare for instant depression as your imaginary person turns out to be more popular than you within 14 hours.

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