Sunday, July 5, 2009

This page cannot be found

You know how it is, you are merrily 'surfing' the web - or at least floating on it in a blow up dingy - when you hit the dreaded...

404 error

aka - page not found.

Well now, at last, that need not be the boring dead end it is today. Not if webmasters everywhere ditch that dull, lifeless bit of text and instead select one of "Mr Vista's stupidly short yet depressingly accurate portrayals of the randomness and repetition of life as typified by following a dead link to an empty page" clips. Or, for those who prefer to have things explained using old fashioned notions of 'truth' or 'accuracy' - here are some 5 second clips you can stick on dead pages.*

Why let people guess whether you have stuffed up your website build? Be proud of it.

See you in the future folks!

*If you have a website then you will probably find your webspace provider has a folder of error pages you can adapt. Have look in your server space. Simply add the code for the clip you like to the html of the 404 error code page. You get the embed code you need to add by clicking on the 'menu' button of the clip you like and then selecting 'URL and embed code'.

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